In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed and agreed with several different earlier publications suggesting and proving – radiation emitted from mobile cell phones causes serious health issues namely; cancer, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fatigue, headaches, lack of sleep etc. Torsion ™ is the market leader in anti-radiation research and development.  Torsion TM Field Chips are the only mobile radiation chips in the world to be tested by IMEDIS and PERESVET using quantum medicine devices.  Compared to defenseless radiation mobile phone users, the Torsion ™ Field Chip provides instant protection which is immediately evident. The Torsion ™ Field Chip is the only protective chip globally boasting 99% neutralization of the deadly cancer produced daily basis by mobile cell phones. The Torsion ™ Field Chip helps immediate relieve other conditions associated with mobile radiation such as headaches, Alzheimer’s, fatigue, lack of sleep The effectiveness of the Torsion ™ Field Chip is verified by professor Jurij Grigoriev of the World Health Organization – category "Electronic field and human health”

Torsion ™ Field Chip offers a 3 year money back warranty from the date of purchase

Torsion ™ Field Chip is highly recommended for adults and children

Torsion ™ Field Chip does not interfere with transmission or reception

Torsion ™ Field Chip is an easy to apply adhesive sticker

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Protection from harmful radiation of mobile phones Torsion.

Torsion field protective chip «Torsion» is a thin, laminated plate size 20mm x 38mm x 0.1mm. Contains fractal crystals of active substances that block harmful (torsion field, micro-lepton) radiation, on the principle of negative conversion of harmful radiation to the positive, beneficial to humans.

Protection chip can be easily mounted under the compartment of the mobile phone battery, face up. On models, where the lid is not removable or is missing (such as iPhone and similar) the chip is attached to the the back of the mobile phone, with a transparent adhesive tape, face up, and covered by a case. According to our research protective chip TorsionTM is able to neutralize 99% of the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation of mobile phones. The effectiveness of the protection TorsionTM, as confirmed by an

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