Dr. Veniamin d. Ivanov

Thanks to Dr. Ivanov’s invaluable research into the Theory of torsion fields, we are now able to make this very unique product that reverses the negative effects of the radiation within the electromagnetic field into a positive, beneficial for human body. With the TorsionTM chip


 the electromagnetic field stays the same but nullifies the negative effects of phone for the user. Today we are able to see the differences between TorsionTM users and ordinary phone users by using a quantum medicine device by IMEDIS and PERESVET (Russia). Product similar to the TorsionTM chip does not exist on the world market. Thanks to collaborative efforts by many including a European company ERMIS 1 LTD produces this patented product. We are ready to cooperate with those, who sees the need to expand this beneficial product.

Veniamin d. Ivanov a unique and honorary Academic, Doctor of technical sciences, Academic of international academy for protection of human life for the United Nations. He lives in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova, and on the 12 of August, 2012 he celebrated his 75th Birthday. Despite the age of this honorary scientist, he continues to work for the benefit of science. Among the many discoveries and innovative technologies of Dr. Ivanov, he created a product that he believes will benefit humans on a global scale.

One of these products is small chip that protects the human body from harmful, non-ionizing radiation of Mobile phones. These Inventions are patented in Moldova and by the European Patent office, EPO. The chip itself is non-metallic and has no electronic properties. Dr. Ivanov was a scientist in the development of Secretive Military technologies, Missile Research and the Space program of the Soviet Union. His studies began in 1955 when Ivanov attended Bauman technical school in Moscow, where he acquired the knowledge and experience from the world-famous designer and father Astronautics Sergei Korolev. After his graduation in 1961 he was given a task, as well as others, to find a way to guard Cosmonauts from the sun’s harmful radiation. After numerous tests and experiments, Dr. Ivanov revealed that existing device and technologies were not capable to further his research in the various radiations. Today these emissions are known as Non-ionizing rays, Torsion fields and Micro lepton.

It was very difficult to find the antidote to these harmful emissions and years later it was finally discovered. In the year 2001, Dr. Ivanov made the first samples of these chips which in turn protected against the mobile phones non-ionizing radiation. The first sample product is held at the Academy of sciences in Russia where the sample is being tested every year for sustainability. Much to the surprise of scientists, the sample still held 100% of its protective properties even after 12 years from its creation. Many scientists today say that mobile phones are a hazard to health and many scientists still debate whether it is truly or not. The fact is that many scientists are looking for the problem in the wrong place. For example they are saying that the problem is in microwaves and when they test the phones they find nothing to be hazardous. You can protect yourself from microwaves with ordinary aluminium foil , studies show that when we wrap a cell phone in foil, we create a defense against all microwave emissions coming from the phone. Studies also shown that even though the phone is wrapped up with foil, Non-ionizing radiation still penetrates at the same rate, before it was wrapped, until the phone battery was removed. It was discovered that the problem is in the electromagnetic field of the phone, it is within the electromagnetic field.We found the harmful radiations which cause headaches and fatigue as shown by independent tests conducted by various scientific institutions. Such harmful effects include changes in the blood, weakened immune system which in turn causes various diseases.