About Us

Torsion™ is a global inventor, manufacturer, supplier and distributor of protective devices against near and far fields of life threatening non ionizing radiation products emitting from mobile phones, telecommunication base stations, computers, microwaves and televisions.


The focal point for Torsion™ is to educate and strength the awareness of the masses about non ionizing radiation, its dangers to health and life and how it can be prevented.  The nano –technology design of the Torsion™ Protective Chip is the only anti-radiation chip in the world that has been scientifically proven to eliminate 99% of hazardous radiation.  At Torsion™ we design and and manufacture our products with the consumer in mind.  By offering the best products and services we aim to be the superior choice for mobile protective chips.


We are constantly striving to transform Torsion™ into the world’s largest leading manufacturer and supplier of nanotechnology protective equipment

Torsion™ is committed to developing a wide range of innovative anti-radiation products and services, challenging the path by which consumers access and enjoy every day life and its technologies.


Torsion™ long term vision is educating the masses on the effects of radiation and how to deal with it.  Torsion™ is quickly becoming the innovative anti-radiation equipment provider and supplier in all continents.  Torsion™ offers easy and sociable protective mobile field chips.  We are always pushing the envelope to deliver cutting-edge technological products and the latest generation content with user friendly services.


Torsion™ is committed to effective Quality Management at every level within the business. We firmly believe the primary mission of a quality system is to maintain a satisfied customer base by providing superior product quality and services at a fair price. To help achieve this Torsion™ has implemented an effective, protective and competitive system that reaches out to all.   We promise to constantly research, design, manufacture, and sell the highest quality of patented anti radiation inventions that really protect and save lives.


Thanks to Dr. Ivanovs invaluable research into the theory torsion fields, we are now able to make this very unique product that reverses the negative effects of the radiation within the electro-magnetic field into a positive, beneficial to the human body.  The Torsion™ Protective Chip when attached to your mobile phone cancels the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain.  You become protected and thereafter can use your mobile without fear of losing or damaging your health.

The effectiveness of the TORSION™ Protective Chip is verified by the expert of World Health Organization professor Jurij Grigoriev, under the program: "Electronic field and human health," Device TORSION™ protects people from harmful non-ionizing radiation. Results are confirmed in the Scientific Research Institute

You are in a good hands....