Computer Protection Chip

Protection chip TorsionTM to protect you from harmful radiation of your computer.

Protection chip «Torsion» for computers is designed to be a 5-chip set. Each chip is 10cm x 1cm x 1mm. To install the protection, just pill off  the back of the plate and attach the adhesive side as follows:

• 4 chips are installed on the edges of the monitor, two at the top and two bottom
• 5th is attached on the case facing towards the user
Laptops, Notebooks:
• 4 chips are installed on the edges of the monitor, two at the top and two bottom
• 5th is attached as shown on the photo.
Latest studies show that only 15 minutes in front of the computer has a significant impact on human health. Nowadays, we use computers is in all spheres of life. More and more people are forced to spend whole days in front of the computer monitors. Monitors are a strong source of electromagnetic fields. The constant “bombardment” of the human body
with non-ionizing radiation leads to imbalance in the bio-energy of the human body have a negative effect on the central nervous, cardiovascular, immune, genetic and endocrine system, causing changes in blood. After 2 hours of continuous usage of computer – people feel tired, some get a headache. Women, who work constantly with a computer – risk to have complicated pregnancy and increased risk of having children with developmental disabilities. Particularly children are impacted by Computers: 20-30 minutes of computer-games, and the blood count in urine of a 10-year-old is similar to of a cancer patient.
The World Health Organisation, as the one responsible for the the health of mankind,
has been raising concerns, suggesting the protection of human from non-ionizing radiation as of one of the most important tasks.
We have finally developed protection against harmful interference of any Computer.
The principle of action is as follows:
Our protective chip Torsion reflects computer’s negative radiations back to the source. When the waves meet, both negatives (-) turn into a positive (+) wave, which is beneficial to humans. Positive emission of the matrix on the other side
increase/amplify the positive effect.
When working on a computer with protection Torsion, people not only protected from 100% of negative radiations (up to 30Ghz), but also recover their health!  (see the research papers).
Academic, Veniamin D. Ivanov