Torsion for Microwave Ovens.

Protection from negative radiation Torsion™ for microwave ovens.

The main source of “pollution” of non-ionizing radiation (especially in the kitchen) are microwave ovens, which, owing to the very principle of its work emit high, and ultra-high frequencies. Studies show that at a distance of 30cm from the door of the oven – 8 mT. Although the food is prepared fairly fast, it is still better to move away 1-2 meters from the microwave. Non-ionizing radiation of the microwave oven reduces efficiency, causes lack of focus,  fatigue and headaches, leading to irreversible lesions of the brain, central nervous and immune systems, blood vessels. As shown by experiments conducted with the help of the diagnostic apparatus Bio-Test (Made of Russia) food that was warmed in a microwave oven is filled with harmful to humans non-ionizing radiation.
The protective device developed by us, not only eliminates the harmful effects of the aforementioned non-ionizing (torsion, micro-leiton) radiation, but also performs the function of sort of a “catalyst”, accumulating and radiating waves, identical to the one that is generated by a absolutely healthy human cell. Improvements to the overall condition of the human organism is confirmed by our independent tests. Food that is warmed in a microwave oven, with the protection of TorsionTM remains healthy to the human body.
To date, the effects and characteristics of devices such as protective chip TorsionTM does not have analogues anywhere in the world! Its creation was made possible through a series of of revolutionary scientific inventions and discoveries in the field of nanotechnology and Torsion field theory.  It should be taken into account that the fractal structure of the active matrix chip converts harmful radiation in all directions within a radius of 2 meters, while most other protective devices limit the penetration of their wave front area in a radius of not greater than 10-15 cm, and their protective properties do not exceed 20-30% the neutralization of pathogenic waves.

Protective chips are mounted on the inner case of the oven, one for each side.