Clinically studies have shown that Torsion does not create additional stress on the body, and even after hours of use, does not leave any side effects. As practice shows, torsion may be involved with absolute no harm to health, its use does not cause deviations from normal working rhythm of the body. Thus, clinically proven that using Torsion completely safe for both adults and children.


The techniques by which investigated the efficacy of Torsion are diverse. This includes laboratory tests on animals, testing on human volunteers, measured by measuring the state of the body with various cutting- edge devices and so on. It’s safe to say that Torsion brilliant passed various tests, including such well-known techniques, such as diagnostics by the method of calculation of the information, the measurement device and so on. All modern methods of clinical efficacy confirm one thing Torsion is excellent protection from electromagnetic fields. Here are the results of some tests that prove the effectiveness Torsion.


The study of blood on the dark field microscope (functional hem scanning) Fig, 1,2,3, clearly shows the status of human blood expose radiator mobile phone with ought using protection and Torsion. The time interval between 10 minutes. Figures 2,3 reflects The dynamics of the changes of the blood of man, and above all the erythrocytes. In Fig 2 that, when exposed to electromagnetic radiation the aggregation of red blood cells (clumping) and this is known to lead to anaemia and, as a consequence: Obstructs blood flow through the capillaries – disturbed metabolism in the body is deteriorating energy state – suffering brain – disrupted immune system. In Fig 3 shows how in 10minutes a sharp decrease red blood cell aggregation and blood returns to the original state.


Give examples of the effectiveness of Torsion (m) when tested by the method of IV. Diagnostics by R.Vol shows the response of the human impact on the DC1.25V at 12MA. The change in current and resistance dial gauge is fixed in relative terms , expressing the energy state of the human body (the conductivity of the meridians)

When using Torsion the workload on the body does not go into the field of pathology, and 2-3 hours after the completion of the human body is restored without residual negative effects, which corresponds to normal mode without radiators. KIRLIAN Work Torsion in the neutralization of the information component of the EMI is shown by the example of fixing the human energy field using Kirlian effect: Tested on the fingers (the brain, cervical spine (left), the heart and left lung). Aura glow finger passed through the filter. After a filter is missing, only the white light spectrum responsible for the power of the persons, so clearly visible quantitive aspect of the energy stae of the meridians and without involving Torsion.


The electromagnetic field generated by the charge in the oscillator circuit, creates two components: Heat (energy) Nonthermal – vortex electric field produced by changing the gradient of the magnetic induction. To neutralize the induced electric field effect is used molded waves. Waves emitted Torsion allow neutralize vortex  electric field, changing pattern of the field emitted electromagnitnogo appliances.

      Phenomena, based on the concept of the electromagnetic field. Vortex electric field emitter (mobile phone or a computer monitor) initiates a protective device Torsion secondary vortex electric field, which is opposite to the rotation of the vortex relative to the electric field of the radiator, so resets the vortex electric field. There is a general decrease in the electromagnetic field around the emitter.