Cell Phone Dangers - How and Why

Due to the use of mobile phones scientists refer frequent headaches, memory loss and stress in the eardrums,sudden fatigue, childhood leukemia, eye cataracts, brain cancer, cardiovascular diseases, disruption of the nervous system that can cause a damage to DNA. Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, a syndrome of sudden infant death, and many other conditions, including suicide attempts are the result of electromagnetic fields influence. Electromagnetic fields impact on the human brain during the usage of mobile phone.  Swedish scientists studied the problems of brain cancer from using mobile phones for ten years. They say that the regular usage of mobile phones for more than 10 years doubles the chances of getting brain cancer. The tumor is developing on the side of the head where the user usually puts the phone. everything we knew about cell phone usage and radiation exposure is not as it appears. His findings are stunning and have already changed the way many people