Torsion™ Protective Chip is a nanotechnology (chip) designed to protect mobile phone users from the harmful effects of non ionizing radiation emitted by their mobile phones. This Device provide protection  from harmful non-ionizing radiation when using a mobile phone which  influence of the electromagnetic field on the human brain. Torsion field protective chip TorsionTM, is intended primarily for health reasons. Scientific research proves that mobile phone’s radiation even in “sleep mode” reduces user’s efficiency and attention, affects to state of health and mood, causing fatigue and headaches, leading to irreversible pathological changes in the brain, central nervous and immune systems, blood vessels. Results are confirmed in the Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Health.The effectiveness of this device  is verified by the expert of World Health Organization professor Jurij Grigoriev under the  program: "Electronic field and human health,"

Torsion field protective chip   eliminates the harmful effects of the above mentioned non-ionizing radiation, and also serves as a kind of “bio-corrector”, by accumulating and radiating waves, identical to the one that is generated by an absolutely healthy human cell. Improvement of the general condition of the body is confirmed by independent tests done by the Research Institute “Protecting Mother and Child” of the Republic of Moldova (copy of the research paper), «Bio-electromagnetic Center» of the Republic of Moldova, «The National Medical Clinical Center» of the Republic of Moldova (copy of the research paper). The effects and characteristics of devices such as protective chip TorsionTM does not have analogues anywhere in the world! Its creation was made possible through a series of of revolutionary scientific inventions and discoveries in the field of nanotechnology and Torsion field theory.

It should be taken into account that the fractal structure of the active matrix chip converts harmful radiation in all directions within a radius of 2 meters, while most other protective devices limit the penetration of their wave front area in a radius of not greater than 10-15 cm, and their protective properties do not exceed 20-30% the neutralization of pathogenic waves. Our goal is to create a specific and tangible value for our potential customers.