What can Torsion Do?

Here’s some of the things that  TORSION will do for you and why you should have one :

Decreases Cell Phone Signal Interference
You will hear your calls better with less noise.widget
Your Phone Will Produce Less Heat
Less “Hot Ear” on long calls and your battery will last slightly longer.
Decreases Chaotic Energy Emitted From Cell Phone.
If you experience headaches while talking on your phone they will decrease or go away.
Phone Will Emit Cleaner, Harmonic Energy
If you experience fatigue it may be related to EMF, many people report relief.
Peace of Mind for You and Your Family
You can rest assured that you are doing what you can to help your friends and family right away.
The best thing is that you get it for just a one-time investment TORSION.
Before you purchase any cell phone protection product you should make sure it does all of the following for you:
(I mean why not get the best that’s out there, right?)
It should be small enough to be installed inside the battery compartment of your cell phone so you won’t lose it. Stick on products often fall of – people come to us all the time after they lose their stick-on product. Of course they are happy to get a TORSION that will never fall off.

It must lower the temperature of the phone when on long conversations.If you feel effects from using you cell phone you must feel relief after installing the product.The product must guarantee your satisfaction so you can decide for youself if it works for you. You should have plenty of time to test it out.

TORSION is a one time investment. 
The Only Protection Available For 3G/4G Technology!
With Your Health In Mind,
TORSION will protect you from the radiation for at least 3 years! You’ll want to change it when you replace the battery in your phone. These days most folks seem to replace their phone at that point so it may last the entire life of your phone! I am so confident that you will love it just as much as the thousands of other people that I’ve shared them with that you may even start telling all your friends about it. Thanks in advance when that happens…
PS.  I Guarantee You’ll Be As Satisfied As The Thousands of Others TORSION Customers or I Refuse To Keep Your Money – Simply Send Them Back For a Full  Refund.