Effects of Cell-phone Radiation


Due to the use of mobile phones scientists refer frequent headaches, memory loss and stress in the eardrums,sudden fatigue

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New Evidence of Electromagnetic Radiation

Bio Initiative Report Just Released Consisting of 29 independent scientists and health experts from

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Cell Phone-Related Diseases

brain, eye and salivary gland tumorsneurological diseases including Autism and Alzheimer’s;

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Cell phone radiation DOES harm your baby and may cause hyperactivity

Cellphone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity

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Test Results....

Clinically studies have shown that Torsion does not create additional stress on the body, and even after hours of use, does not leave any side effects. As practice shows, torsion may be involved with absolute no harm to health, its use does not cause deviations from normal working rhythm of the body. Thus, clinically proven that using Torsion completely safe for both adults and children.

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Thanks to Dr. Ivanovs invaluable research into the theory torsion fields, we are now able to make this very unique product that reverses the negative effects of the radiation within the electro-magnetic field into a positive, beneficial to the human body.  The Torsion™ Protective Chip when attached to your mobile phone cancels the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain.  You become protected and thereafter can use your mobile without fear of losing or damaging your health. The effectiveness of the TORSION™ Protective Chip is verified by the expert of World Health Organization professor Jurij Grigoriev, under the program: "Electronic field and human health," Device TORSION™ protects people from harmful non-ionizing radiation. Results are confirmed in the Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Health.